Friday, April 23, 2010

New Positions

Update: out of all positions April 27

Our day-trade account time-frame is pretty short these days since we're seeing failures in extended set-ups. But we're starting to fill up our swing account with starter positions in commodity stocks (still under 25% invested).

Here is what we bought today (posted real-time on our Twitter acct:

We think AEM will break 62 soon and want to be long in front of that (61.34):

SWN is flattening the 50SMA and we think it will break through soon (41.88):
(Update: as posted, sold partial SWN 42.85 in front of the 200SMA and the rest at 43 at the 200SMA -- we didn't expect the stock to move this fast today)

APA might take a while but like this base forming under 109 and we bought today in anticipation (107.28):

As posted, sold a few APA 109.05 into the run today -- we were hoping it would wait but instead it broke out with light volume and we wanted to take partials off.

POT held on the 200SMA and now is basing under trend-line. We started a position today in anticipation of a break-out (108.43):

We're also looking to leg into some VALE ATPG next week if we get any type of pull-back. These are intial entries into longer-term positions which we plan to hold for a while -- very differnt from what we've been doing in our day-trade account lately which average time spent in a stock has averaged to be less than 2 hrs.