Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We sold GD NBL for profit and ATPG exit near break-even.    We're done with swings here until we enter what we feel is a better risk-reward environment.    Back to daytrading.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Swing and Day

Daytrades worked very well today but swings are in a mellow mood.

These are the daytrade alerts that triggered from this weekend's newsletter (CLF AAPL gapped above).

JNPR 36 alert:  ripped right from the open.

MA was the nicest set-up of the day and our best trade today -- we wrote to watch 255.7-256 for set-up (alert was 256).

MA perfect set-up at 256 for a mini Indy (Indy refers to an HCPG strategy discussed often in newsletter and blog)  as R1/alert were the upside resistance and stock squeezed by the 9EMA from bottom.   Entry was 256 itself with stop under 9EMA, around 1 point with first partials not taken until 260 for 4 point profit.  Excellent risk-reward.

SCCO was target trade for 42.5+.  

SCCO another Indy set-up riding up the 9EMA and basing under 47.2.    As Indy pattern gets squeezed there comes a "do or die" time -- most of the time it's "do" and no exception here for a nice breakout of 47.2   Stop is always on a reversal of whatever EMA the stock is riding.    Other possible entries were along the EMA with stop under.

VECO alert was at 49 -- just like JNPR it ripped right through from the open for a nice move. 

We outlined all our swing trades with stops in the newsletter -- ATPG holding well,  MON we're not crazy about and sold it today for break-even, GD still holding well but have moved up stop to today's low, NBL we noted in newsletter that we would add near 50SMA which we did -- stop now under 81, and SOHU we wrote in newsletter we'd take the loss on 75 which happened today.

All in all, good day.   Very good daytrades and remaining swings (ATPG GD NBL) all have stops nearby and look decent.