Thursday, July 23, 2009

Market Talk

This is the most bullish action we've seen in a long time in terms of break-out trading. We've had over 12 alerts work for over 1% (and many in the 3-4% range) from last night's newsletter including:

APD 70, FCL 33, DD 29, INFY 41, MON 82, ACL 124, AGU 42, ANR 33, etc.

With the break-out of SPY today (assuming we close well) SPY could easily hit 100 sometime next week. We've had many positive days in a row (12 for Nasdaq) and any pull-back would be a good buying spot.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SPY talk

As we wrote in our newsletter the run up from 88 to 96 is too vertical for us to have conviction in a SPY breakout over 96.11 but it we can base above the 50 SMA for a while this will be an excellent long pattern. If the bulls press their luck and try to break-out in the next few days the break-out will either be weaker or fail. Bull or bear -- we need a pull-back or at least horizontal movement to digest the gains.

The buying frenzy continues

The bulls aren't giving an inch to the bears and as long as this continues we'll be buying the break-outs.

Here are two that have already broken out from last night's newsletter -- both also set-up very well intraday.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bulls won't stop

Here are some daily alerts we had from last night's newsletter -- lines representing day-trade trigger spots. Most are still valid for you swing traders if the stocks close well: