Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to a stock pickers market

It seems that the era of the "easy tape" is over for now and we're back to a stock-pickers market. This means that traders will actually have to do some homework and work at it a bit more to be able to make the income.

We had two shorts, one long support, and one long break-out trigger today from the newsletter -- having shorts and longs trigger is also another clear sign that going forward one has to pay attention to levels with more scrutiny. They all worked -- a good sign that market acting as it should technically.

We knew there would be some trade around VALE 32 -- nice short base on it today and thus far working for day-trade.

UTX break-out 75 on our newsletter last night.

LULU short 41.66 worked well for a trade.

RGLD was listed as a buy at 46.5 -- very nice quick bounce there as it hit our alert