Thursday, March 25, 2010

Position Update

All we're doing these days is buying whatever alert sets up well, daytrading part of them, and holding rest swing -- we're still long swings from a few days ago including CAT (alert was 60.5), DE (alert was 60), FLS (108 not in newsletter but we tweeted), AAPL (alert 226), MDR (alert 26), VALE (tweeted yesterday, in at 31.33 in anticipation of 32 breakout), BG (alert 64), NUE (in today 46.07 in anticipation of 46.5 break-out), GS (alert 178 entered today), CAGC (alert 28 entered today), BCSI (alert 33, we've held this through a re-test, slightly underwater but small position left which we'll sit on), and SWK (added today to position small swing average 59.19 in anticipation of 60 break-out), and CREE added today (alert was 72).

We're also long AIG 34.42 average for a trade with stop trailing under 20EMA.

-----------1:30 PM update: we are systematically taking profits and raising cash as we have many positions on and no hedge. We also sold the AIG for a point and raised stops on all our positions.

-----------Selling most of positions added today on breaks of the 20EMA/5 min chart

------------Sold everything except for the following: CAT FLS DE MDR AAPL VALE NUE GS.

----------March 26 update: Sold MDR NUE FLS DE CAT into the rally and only have AAPL GS VALE left in swing positions.

----------Sold reamaining three positions, all cash for the weekend.