Monday, March 29, 2010

Market Talk

Very bullish day for the market as we saw rotation into the commodity stocks as leader sectors like financials took a breather.

Let's look at a few charts we always keep on our screens:

AAPL is probably the most symbolic market leader and the stock keeps melting higher.

As we posted a few times today GS made a perfect bounce on the 20SMA as the bulls defended the spot with vigor. Watch today's low as a tell for market sentiment. If GS breaks through today's lows with volume then we would probably go back to a more conservative stance.

Copper often is a great tell and today it made a very nice bullish move.

So far everything looks good to go for higher prices. If the market wants to roll over for a prolonged correction then most likely the three charts we mentioned will lead the way. We'll stay on the bullish side for as long as these three are healthy.