Monday, March 15, 2010

Position Update

We're somewhat concerned on the breadth of today's sell-off (even though it's very early yet -- will have to see how they close the market) and are raising cash and inching towards a more net neutral position (especially if our stops in MOS COG are taken out). We sold CAT this morning on the return below 60 and sold QCOM swing.

MOS we will sell on a move below 62.3 (or possible close, we have a cushion on this and will assess), and COG we will sell if no bounce near 40.7.

Remaining positions are GMCR RIMM POT NUE: keeping all for now plus SPY short.

Update: stopped out of COG and sold two anticipatory trades from last week POT NUE; covered one load short SPY from Friday for 50 cent profit and sold MOS swing.


Covered all SPY short, sold last of RIMM GMCR, all cash.