Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice breakouts

Extended market, SPY already up record days in a row, yet, yet, yet a lot of nice break-outs. As we wrote last night, "Statistically speaking it would be hard to believe that tomorrow will be green, however, set-ups for us always trump everything else. If it sets with volume, take it. Otherwise, step back and wait for market to catch its breath."

Here is what triggered from yesterday's list

We're out most of all of the following but will swing last partial if the stocks can hold on to the gains. We had a SPY hedge but let go of that due to commodity stocks acting well and due to the small size left in our positions. Update: We sold everything on the weak action on GS AAPL. We're all cash.

Line represents the alert:

GMCR was the only one not in the newsletter but we called out the 95 breakout real-time today in Twitter