Monday, December 28, 2009


Within our system the only real difference between day-trading and swing-trading is time. Our entry strategies are the same (be it buy on support or buy on a break-out) and our exits are similar (an extended move away from the base/ a run to resistance).

We've shown before how we day-trade support -- buy on an extended move away from the intraday base on a bounce to daily support and sell into intraday resistance (often the 20 EMA on the 5 min chart).

Here is a perfect parallel swing-trade on a daily chart in which you would have done something very similar but instead of taking 30 minutes it would have taken a couple of weeks.

BHI 38 was a newsletter support buy pick -- the exit was today on the 50 SMA failure. We got in at the right time near 38 but sold much too early. We still have to work on that patience thing....