Thursday, February 23, 2012

Market hasn't gone anywhere but look at the move on these stocks

We have referred to this market as “benign” as a while now and one of the features of a kind bull market is even when the market sits and digests,  break-outs work.   Take a look at the last four freebies we gave out on the stream  $SLW, $IBM, $WLL, and $CLR.    Big moves in individual stocks while $SPY has done very little.
CLR was an alert in our newsletter but also a freebie on the stream for 84 break-out.
IBM has been on our list for weeks, and we mentioned many times on stream:
Just before we left for vacation we gave out this idea for SLW,  long on close with stop on lows of day.  Awesome continuation.
WLL 54 also given out on stream — and again, big move.
Market sits and does very little while individual set-ups work very well.   Definition of a benign market.