Monday, September 26, 2011

Some positives

It's hard to get an edge on this market as computers trade to each other from one rumor to another but there are a few positives we'd like to point out today. The most obvious of course are the reversals on silver ($SI_F), gold ($GC_F) and copper ($HG_F) from their overnight lows. We also like the action on the refiners (which have been good tells lately) with $HFC $TSO $WNR holding gains.

As we noted this morning we think the rally could take us to the first target of gap fill near 116.5 on the $SPY -- that first test will likely be faded. The reaction to the fade will give out short-term direction information.

We noted a gap fill trade on $OIH in our newsletter this weekend and we have the first positive step towards that target today. We expect the first test of the fill to be faded.

Visibility is low and traders are flying pretty blind -- taking it one day at a time and trusting only moves short-term is our motto right now.