Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank You

First of all, we completely forgot about our 5 yr business anniversary mark (June 13, 2006).    However, a belated note hopefully is better than nothing.   Opening the HCPG business forced us to step up our game — and for that we’d like to thank our subscribers, many of them who have been with us for years.  We may have many faults but lack of loyalty is not one of them — we always remember the people who have helped us over the years and want to give a quick shout-out on this 5 yr mark.

A year and a half ago we joined the world of StockTwits/Twitter and for that we’d like to thank @downtowntrader for giving us the initial push to join,  @howardlindzon, @ppearlman and @ldrogen for welcoming us aboard and getting us started via the Suggested Stream and later with a partnership with StockTwits.    Working with Dr. Phil has been a fantastic experience — he makes you feel you’re on his team and like a good coach, he’s always looking out for you,  pushing you to take it up a notch, and take that next step in becoming better.

We’d also like to thank all those that have given us increased visibility, too many to mention, but especially early RTs from (now) buddies like @gtotoy @traderstewie, @szaman @chessnwineThe Reformed Broker and the WSJ links, @DinosaurTrader for links to his early blog and the RO,  Charles Kirk for early links over the years on the The Kirk Report, and @abnormalreturns for links on his fantastic site.    Being part of the community of such a young and growing company such as StockTwits is very exciting — for us it’s a great win-win.  We’re happy to contribute value to the community, grateful for the friendships we’ve made, and for the fanastic exposure we’re experiencing alongside the growth of StockTwits.
Looking forward to the next five.