Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Longer term charts

For position trader readers here are 3 longer term charts that we absolutely love.   We're very confident that all three will trigger their breakout prices (BRCM 50, OXY 100, SHLD 79)-- but we just don't know when!

We already have a 1/5 position in our long term account from 45 in BRCM and will add on any pullback.   We love the multi-year base under 50 -- just a matter of time it goes and this year could be the one as smartphone story gains momentum. 

OXY 100 has been on our list for a long time and we love the potential of this chart - however we would prefer it to carve out a flattish phase now under 100 to work off the extended nature of the move from late 2010.   

 SHLD can be a demon to trade on a short-term time-frame but we like it for longer term swing once it tightens the pattern under 79.  Very nice base. Started 1/5 position in SHLD at 75.2 to join BRCM in the long term account.  Expecting a lot of basing and filling under the 200 SMA/79 resistance but wanted to get involved with starter position.