Monday, November 08, 2010

A few ideas

We simply have too many financial alerts (six in this weekend's newsletter) to think this XLF breakout will not continue.   However, XLF has already had a large move from the breakout zone and some consolidation is needed and welcome.    We'll be buying dips in the XLF.

DRYS setting up under 5 but needs time as the move from the bottom has been vertical.  Basing under the 200SMA would be healthy.

Add that 46 alert so when AIG is ready, so are you.   

Two triggers from this weekend's newsletter (CREE 55 and DO 70).  We like them both for swing if we can keep a nice cushion on them until the close.

We posted CREE 55 trendline alert on StockTwits on Friday.   Very nice break today with intraday Indy setting up as added bonus.

We like the NFLX 165 short spot but have been worried about the 20SMA.  Today the 20SMA was tested (successfully) which means that the 165 short spot just became even stronger.   

UPS 70 has been on our newsletter for weeks --  finally looks like it is setting up.

Benign tape continues with dips being bought aggressively.     This won't last forever;  milk it until its dry.