Sunday, September 26, 2010

Intermediate swing ideas

If this rally continues then most likely the laggard commodity sectors will be playing catch up.  Here are some frew ideas for the swing traders out there:

ECA looks great on the break up through the down trend-line.  

If WHR can wait a few days resistance will meet the trend-line  -- entry would be long through there.

The next two trades would be bounce on trend-line swings rather than breaks of trend-line.  This type of trade offers good risk-reward if you can get in close to the trend-line as the stop will be close-by, right under the trend-line. 

BHI bounced on the trend-line but still close enough for good risk-reward.  Entry would be here with stop under trend-line.

X has suffered  horrible price-action but interesting low risk spot here on the bounce on the trend-line.  If this rally is for real it most likely will push even these type of performers up.    Entry would be here, stop would be below trend-line.