Monday, May 24, 2010

Update on our commodity basket

As we posted real-time  last week we bought a basket of 12 stocks (CAGC VALE RINO MOS SU TC ATPG AKS MON JRCC USO AA) on Thurs (20%) and averaged down on Friday open (another 20%) leaving us 40% invested in the account.  Today we sold out of all of CAGC for 16% profit, and sold partials on everything else leaving us under 10% invested in the Long-Term account.

We will exit the rest if portfolio drops under 1.5% profit (currently at 2.6% profit) or if on the upside in front of the 200SMA  on SPY.

If you bought with us into the Thurs/Friday panic then take some off with us today.

Update:  port at 1.58%,  close enough to stop, we sold last 10% and back in cash in all accounts.