Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Buying support

Update:  we took it all off, and flat in all accounts.   Might regret it as our original plan was to swing but there's just too much news going around (yes, excuses excuses!)

As our readers know we came into the day looking to buy the 200SMA/dip.  We got rewarded well for buying the fear. We wrote in our newsletter last night, "If many of these hit simultaneously there's a good chance we'll get a reversal at the spots."  and that's exactly what happened.

We sold all of our CENX OIH ANR FCX JOYG POT into the bounce but are still holding a few  TCK AA SWN VALE ATPG  with stops now above entries.

We posted this at 9:54AM -- we were in before that but didn't have time to post.  Since we posted at that time however, we have used it to show entries with the arrow.  

It was one of our best days this year in terms of PnL in which a lot came together -- extremely oversold sectors hitting support simultaneously.