Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review of some of the leader stocks

We wrote a while back that on next dip we'd focus more on tech and less on commodities. Well, we're here now and here is what we're watching:

We wrote last night to watch the 20/100 SMA on AAPL as a tell -- today it cratered through. Technically nothing to do here in this stock in no-mans-land and we'll be avoiding.

We'll be looking to buy reversals in CREE at 61 and 60.

We'll be looking to buy CMI reversal near 53

BRCM has decent support near 29.5 -- we'd buy a reversal on that area

CTXS slow but 43 support might be worth a trade.

We like FFIV on 52 support

GS was a buy on our newsletter from 158 to 160 target. Today stock rallied from 158 to 160 and then reversed sharply. Currently in no-man's land until bottom of bear flag just under 154.

We like RIMM 72 break-out a lot but don't have enough confidence to buy support in the stock. We'll leave alone until stock shows strength through 72.

VMW we have alert near 46.5 for a support buy on reversal.

This is the first time we can remember GOOG not responding to a market rally. Stock has flat-lined and we have no interest in the name right now.