Friday, February 05, 2010

New Positions

It's 2:11 Friday afternoon and we started some swing initial positions into this death grind down:

CENX 10.37, SQM 34.98, NUE 39.29, XLE 52.99, FCX 67.11, MOS 53.33, BVN 29.46, ANR 39.33, MEE 37.89, SMH 24.65, TC 11.09

We'll add into any gap down on Monday.

Update: Sold half of everything for some quick profits, swinging rest into Monday.

In 1 hr we're up 4% in CENX TC FCX over 3% in ANR MEE BVN. We're taking more profits but keeping at least a bit in each name. Our worst performing thus far is SMH which is up only 1.5%.