Friday, January 08, 2010


A couple of triggers and swing trades for today:

RIG 92 from last night's newsletter worked so far for a point -- look how it is riding up the 20 EMA -- perfect for trailing stops (good job BartinBC)

FSYS from last night's newsletter worked for 2 points -- buy close to the base, take profits away from the base as stock gets extended away from EMA.

CAT we wrote last night that 60 spot was iffy and that we were long the name already. It didn't set up on a daytrade basis but we like the chart on daily. We came into today swing long CAT PCU QCOM (all posted real time on our twitter acct)
and added DTG CVX and a new stock for us, MICC (hat tip @ldrogen)

What is amazing about this "easy market" is that all you have to do is go through your watch-list, buy them all in anticipation, and watch them break-out the next day. It takes an extremely benign market for this to work -- and we'll do it as long as it works.