Friday, January 22, 2010

This was the Plan

As per our blog post we offered our plan free to anyone who emailed us last night. Arrows were the entry point alerts -- some didn't make it, but most did. This was our best PnL day in 2010. However the "buy the support like a crack-addict" trade we think is over for a while as the technical damage to charts are severe. If market cannot hold today's lows then the next strategy might very well be resistance shorts.

We feel like old bank robbers who barely got away from the sheriff -- we won't be buying into blood like this until charts regain their patterns.

We went into it in more detail in the two part newsletter -- if you still want a copy email us at info AT highchartpatterns DOT COM

Position update is we added according to our plan and sold all into the bounce later this morning, as posted real-time in our account. We are completely flat in all accounts.