Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is what a benign market looks like

ALL our triggers from this week -- as you can see, great continuation:

AAPL 197 on trend-line break

AKS 21.2 on trend-line break

APC 63.2 on trend-line break

BCSI 28 was our best trade this week:

CNQ 70 was channel break-out

GLD 105 was a support buy (we tweeted it our buy live at 105.4 yesterday)

GNK was a support buy with alert at 20.7 (didn't quite make it) on the 200 SMA

HGSI 29.5 worked well

Our only short, HIG 23, which didn't work:

RS 45 on resistance break

SPW 55.8 on trend-line break

XLE 57.2 long on trend-line break