Tuesday, December 15, 2009

GS trend-line

Volume is light and the market is still stuck in the range (USD rallying not helping). We've been knocking around 15-20 cent trades today which is somewhat pathetic but at least pays some bills. Without volume there is no good intraday movement for our stocks. If the volume is going to remain this low for an extended period of time then it will force us to look more and more toward swing trading. Our entries for our newsletter alerts are based on daily charts so swing-trading the picks would come naturally.

Keep an eye on GS in the near future and the trend-line currently near 168 if we rally. If we sell-off then first support is around 157 and then comes the 200 SMA near 151. We'd probably day-trade long the 157 support but would be interested in swing-long off the 200 SMA.