Friday, May 29, 2009

Good opportunities

We always tell new traders that trading is harder than it looks, but what you always need, whether you are new at the game or a grizzled veteran, are opportunities.   And providing trading opportunities is what  HCPG is all about:

Here are some of the triggers just from the last two days:

SOHU buy 60 worked great:

As did SNDA 56 alert:

Our two previous buy points in RGLD:

In PCU yesterday on the break of the triangle:

Two buy points this month in NEM

Trend line break yesterday in MEE at 22

Our GDX buy point earlier this month on the break of the base:

BIDU 255 yesterday buy point:

AEM two buy points this month:

And we put this freebie in the newsletter last night pointing out the bottoming action -- great follow through today: